Canadian women’s
solo retirement.

Your life. Your way.

Solo. Not alone.

You may be doing life on your own, but you’re not alone.

Are you one of Canada’s 1.77 million women aged 50+ living solo?  Welcome!  I am too.

We’re part of the solo aging movement that’s emerging as an increasingly common, and often desirable, way to retire and live.

(And yes, it’s time to retire the word retire!)

I’ve created an online coaching program and community for us: the Canadian woman who wants to live – and thrive – as a Savvy Solo.

Together we’ll explore heartfelt purpose, build practical plans, and share our wisdom.

Whether you’re on your own by choice or circumstance; whether you’re retired or not; whether you’re anxious or excited…

Let’s do this!

(Not sure if you’re a solo ager? Try this checklist.)


My name is
Anna Harvey.

As solo women retiring on our own, it’s up to us to design our next – and best – life chapter.  Let’s live well and age well!  Let’s…

  • know and use our strengths
  • build practical life plans as a foundation for aging well
  • live with purpose
  • be inspired by what we are capable of creating, and
  • be in the company of women who are open to learning and to sharing wisdom

Come be part of the first online community + coaching program for Canadian women who want to live a positive and prepared life as a Savvy Solo!


My name is
Anna Harvey.

As solo women retiring on our own, it’s up to us to create our next – and best – life chapter. Let’s live well and age well!  To do that, we need to…

  • know and use our strengths
  • build practical life plans as a foundation for aging well
  • live with purpose
  • be inspired by what we are capable of creating, and
  • be in the company of women who are open to learning and to sharing wisdom

Come be part of the first online retirement coaching program + community for Canadian women who want to live a positive, prepared life as a Savvy Solo!

A program about you.

You are unique. Therefore Self-Awareness is the foundation for creating a truly fulfilling retirement.

That’s why you are at the hub of my proprietary Life Satisfaction discovery wheel.

You are the starting point for your own journey through 12 essential retirement life planning areas. Using the Life Satisfaction wheel, you’ll discover your strengths and reveal areas requiring your focus. Now you can clarify and fast-track a retirement life you’d love to live!

A program for you.

The Retire Solo Program simplifies and clarifies your retirement life (vs financial) planning process.

Using the proprietary Life Satisfaction assessment and tool, you will explore 12 essential areas including self-awareness, purpose & work, health & fitness, learning & growth, family & friends, fun & rejuvenation – and more!

The collective wisdom of the community helps you see and solve potential obstacles.

This Program is for you when you are:

  • open to exploring new concepts
  • ready to deepen your self-awareness
  • prepared to spend time reflecting on insights
  • eager to engage with women in a similar life-stage
  • willing to listen as well as talk
  • committed to attending the full Program
  • comfortable being online (we use Zoom)

Retire Solo Signature Program

Become a Savvy Solo!  This 4-week online cohort (group) program + community is specifically designed for to bring you clarity, confidence and connection. Here’s what’s included…


Build Confidence
by learning about the 12 key life areas of retirement, by understanding your strengths and successes, and by identifying specific focus areas requiring your attention.

Create Clarity
through a step-by-step process that helps you align your focus area actions with your values and vision.


Unlock Potential
through specially designed exercises that invite you to deepen your self-awareness, encourage thoughtful reflection of the Retire Solo content, and augment your unique Life Satisfaction Assessment results.

Craft an Action Plan
of immediate next steps that move you forward with confidence.


Make New Connections
with women in a similar life stage within your Retire Solo cohort. In this member-only Community you can share experiences, ask questions of each other, be inspired, find accountability buddies and build a new social network!

Access the Coach
with any questions about the Program content.


Life Satisfaction Assessment & Tool

Looking for clarity, confidence, and inspiration for your retirement life? The Life Satisfaction assessment and tool delivers!

Within your 4-week program experience, you’ll take your own journey of discovery using this Life Satisfaction wheel.

Exploring these 12 non-financial retirement life planning areas is vital to a Savvy Solo woman looking for a well-planned, fulfilling next life chapter.

By the end of 4 weeks, you’ll be a Savvy Solo who has:

  • learned the 12 key Life Areas
  • completed a self-assessment
  • reviewed your Life Satisfaction results
  • discovered your focus areas
  • identified your values
  • explored passions & purpose
  • drafted a new vision
  • clarified your strengths
  • outlined an action plan
  • prioritized your next steps
  • gained confidence
  • expanded your social network

Your life Your way.

In addition to my private retirement coaching program ($2100+), I also offer Retire Solo, a cohort (group) program.

These limited-time introductory prices apply to the Summer (completed) and Fall (open) cohorts.

Any of the below gives you Founding Member status plus 1 year free community membership. Join the wait list!

Small groups mean big connection!
Minimum 8 Abundance/Discernment + 2 Collaboration participants.
Maximum 16 Abundance/Discernment + 4 Collaboration participants.

Retirement or Solo Aging?

Both!  Retirement is optional; aging isn’t. Retire Solo sets you up for success whenever you choose to wrap up your main career, and then it walks you through how to thrive as a solo ager. This saves you precious time and effort.

Why a group course?

This alternative to 1:1 coaching includes a rich wisdom exchange both within the well-facilitated group coaching experience and within the community. This greatly increases and deepens your learning.

Can’t I learn this in a book?

No one book can match the Retire Solo combo of specially curated content plus retirement coaching that shines a light on your unique life satisfaction requirements.  You get clearer faster.


Letting go my work identity is hard! My work defined me. Who am I now?
After 30+ years in a career, it’s normal to feel this way! Retirement is a transition: it takes time to let go of the past and create something new. In the Retire Solo Program you’ll be exploring Comfort Zone, Mind Set and your successes with other life transitions.
I’m filling my days but there’s no meaning or purpose.
Pleasure, passion and purpose are all part of a fulfilling retirement. Each contributes to social bonding, good relationships, meaningful structure, and physical and emotional wellbeing. It all starts with renewed Self Awareness – the hub of the Retire Solo Life Satisfaction Assessment.
My social network is shrinking. Now what?
The now-famous Harvard study started in 1938 states that those who keep warm relationships live longer and happier lives. Keeping and building a vibrant social network is one of the key 11 areas we will discuss.
I’m lost and fighting anxiety. I have no thoughts on how to retire.
Our workplaces and financial advisors pay little attention to helping us prepare for the psycho-social aspects of retirement. Feeling anxious, lost, adrift and depressed is often the outcome. Learning retirement’s stages empowers you and leads to calmer, focused thoughts and actions.
I’m overwhelmed with too many ideas for my time.
Retirement’s freedoms may find you with many ideas… so many that you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to put your focus or how to move forward. Clarifying your strengths, passions, and values within the Program helps you build a decision framework for all your many ideas.

Program faq’s

I might be too busy to attend each session.
Each of the 8 sessions lasts 90 minutes: we end on time. Plus, sessions are recorded. The commitment you’re making is not only to yourself: it’s to your cohort members as well.
What are the tech requirements?
You’ll need a desktop computer, laptop or tablet, an indoor private space (ideally with no distractions), a current version of Zoom and able to login, and a willingness to participate in our online peer support community (used for course announcements, chat, direct messages, etc.)
I’ve been retired for several years. Will I get value from this Program?
Yes, if in any way your retired life is less than what you hoped and wanted it to be. This Program saves you time and effort in bringing your life back on track. Being ready to focus and take action is also important.
I’m not retired - and may never. Will I get value from this Program?

Yes, because it’s never too early to learn how to create and plan a later-stage life that is uniquely your own. Imagine how confident you’ll feel knowing your strengths and your areas of focus for a life you’d love to live as a solo ager!

How much time do I need to spend in addition to the 8 online group sessions?
Setting aside about an hour to thoughtfully complete the session-specific exercise(s) is recommended. Materials are split into required and optional to help you with time management.

What people say

  • “ Retire Solo gave me tools, a process and a community to help me look ahead and plan my next life chapter. I found the self-awareness components of great value, and I really enjoyed meeting women who were from various careers and who had a different mindset. ” Ann B.
  • “ What really worked for me with Retire Solo was there was no one telling me what I should do. We covered specific topics in the session and had group conversations. But it was afterward, doing the workbook exercises, that I came to new realizations on my own. What showed up was very relevant and very personal. This is a valuable process that has opened me up to my inner desires. ” Charlane S.
  • “ It was valuable to be with women who had different life and career experiences yet we all had things in common as a solo. I also found it very helpful that our coaching sessions were recorded. I could take my time with the content and with the different ideas expressed in the various Wisdom Exchanges that were part of every session. ” Eimear K.
  • “ I found all the topics interesting and helpful to me and my future vision. The program and exercises were very eye opening and thought provoking. They provided me with clarity and confidence in planning this next chapter in my life. My life seems brighter and better because my mindset is different: I know now how to choose what’s right for ME. ” Millie Vandale
  • “ Thanks so much for the clear effort that went into developing the course and the exceptional organization and focus on detail. Very professional. ” Myra
  • “ No matter what career you chose, we all face Retirement. Retirement needs to be planned from a place of honesty and we have to be in step into our reality. Loved this group and loved these people! You Anna Harvey are a gift! I only say what I mean, and as a facilitator, you are perfect. ” Susan